How to Deal With the Damage of Hardened Tooth Surface Reducer?


Hangzhou Ever-Power Transmission Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision gear reducer, cycloidal reducer and R, K, F, S four series standard gearboxes. With many years of practical experience, EPengineers analyze and share the reasons and solutions of hardened tooth surface gear reducer damage to the customers.

With economic development, the application of hardened reducer has been very common, but the hardened gears are most likely to wear in use. When running time, the hardened tooth surface will be very easy worn, and gear teeth will be very prone to wear and tear, or even broken, which even the shaft hole will be.

Tooth surface is often damaged, so we have to take measures to repair. If the tooth surface of the shaft hole equipment wears and tears occur, we can use the plating method to repair its parts, making precision of gears recovery.

But if broken tooth happens, we have no way to repair, and even repair the broken down teeth, it will not take long since broken. At this time we are required to re-select the appropriate gear for replacement. Appropriate selection is critical, then follow the instructions to operate.

Hardened gear tooth surface damage is inevitable. Once you found damaged, it must be replaced in a timely manner, so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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