Flying Shears for Bar & Wire Rolling

Flying Shears for Bar & Wire Rolling
Description :

Flying shears for bar & wire rolling is commonly applied in the continuous rolling production lines for bars and wires, which can shear the head and tail of rolled products during the rolling, and can break up the rolling products when an accident occurs, and can realize double-ruler shearing for the rolling products.

EP provides 3 types flying shears according to the needs of different rolling production lines.

  • Crank rod flying shears
  • Rotary flying shears
  • Crank rod and rotary combined flying shears

Different types of flying shears can provide various shearing speeds and shearing forces in different working conditions.

Main Features:

  • 1. Large shearing section, large shearing force
  • 2. High shearing precision
  • 3. Sturdy housing and stable operation
  • 4. Frequent starting and braking, large inertia shearing

Technical Parameters:

  • Maximum shearing section: 17600mm2 (Φ150mm)
  • Maximum shearing speed: 22m/s


  • Continuous rolling production lines for bars and wires