DP,DR Series Heavy Duty Modular Gear Reducers

DP,DR Series Heavy Duty Modular Gear Reducers
Description :

EP Heavy Duty Modular Gear Reducers include 2 series: DP Series Parallel Shaft Modular Gear Reducers & DR Series Right Angle Modular Gear Reducers.


1. Gearbox Housing: Cast Iron
2. Gearset:
  • DP Series: DP1~DP4 1~4 Stage Modular Cylindrical Gears
  • DR Series: DR2~DR4 1 Stage Spiral Bevel Gear Pair + 1~3 Stage Modular Cylindrical Gears
3. Input Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Input
4. Output Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Output

Models & Parameters:

DP Series Ratio DR Series Ratio
DP1 i=1.25~5.6 - -
DP2 i=6.3~20 DR2 i=5.6~16
DP3 i=22.4~90 DR3 i=18~71
DP4 i=100~400 DR4 i=80~315


1. Highly modular design, high versatility and interchangeability for the main parts
2. Optimally designed gearbox housing conducive to heat dissipation
3. Gears and pinion shafts are processed by carburizing, quenching, grinding and gear profile modification
4. Low vibration, low noise, high load capacity and high efficiency


Horizontal Mounting
Vertical Mounting


Oil Dip and Splash Lubrication
Circulating Oil lubrication


Natural Cooling
Auxiliary Cooling Devices (Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils)