Permanent Magnet AC Servo Motors

Permanent Magnet AC Servo Motors
Description :

Frame Sizes: 60, 80, 90, 110, 130, 150, 180

Rotor: Permanent Magnets (NdFeB 38SH)


  • Without Brakes
  • Electromagnetic Brakes (Power Supply 24VDC)
  • Permanent Magnet Brakes


  • Photoelectric Pulse Encoder
  • Resolver

Inertia: 0.0175~9.5 x 10-3 kg·m2

Encoder Resolution: 2500PPR (Pulse Per Revolution)

Insulation Class: F

Ingress Protection: IP65

Working Temperature: -20℃~40℃


  • High quality rare-earth magnets neodymium iron boron (NdFeB)
  • High performance
  • Permanent magnet ac servo motors are with extremely precise and efficient control characteristics


Frame Sizes Rated Power Rated Voltage Rated Speed Rated Torque Shaft Dia. Flange Dia.
60 0.2~0.4kW 220V 3000RPM 0.6~1.3Nm Φ14 Φ70
80 0.4~1.0kW 220V 2000,2500,3000RPM 1.3~4.0Nm Φ19 Φ90
90 0.73~1.0kW 220V 2000,2500,3000RPM 2.4~4.0Nm Φ16 Φ100
110 0.6~1.8kW 220V 2000,3000RPM 2.0~6.0Nm Φ19 Φ130
130 1.0~3.8kW 220V 1000,1500,2500RPM 4.0~15Nm Φ22 Φ145
150 3.8~5.5kW 220V 2000,2500RPM 15~27Nm Φ28 Φ165
180 2.7~7.5kW 220V,380V 1000,1500,2500RPM 17.2~48Nm Φ35 Φ200