New Gearbox On The Market


After 2 years of development and commissioning, EP engineers have developed a new generation KM series hypoid gearbox, which can completely replace RV series worm gearbox. Since the early small-scale promotion, KM series has been sought after by many domestic and foreign customers. Now we have decided large-scale promotion and official sale in international market. Here are details of KM series hypoid gearbox.

KM series gearbox is with helical bevel gears and hypoid design, and the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.

1. Compared with the worm gearbox, sliding friction of hypoid gearbox is smaller. So the transmission efficiency of hypoid gearbox is higher than worm gearbox, which is up to 98%.

2. KM series hypoid gearbox has longer service life than RV series worm gear box.

3. More convenient installation and no mounting direction restriction. A variety of installation forms: foot mounted, flange mounted, torque arm mounted.

4. Grease lubrication.

5. Aluminum alloy case, better heat dissipation. KM series hypoid gearbox is with aluminum alloy housing design and has better heat dissipation without cooling fans than the cast iron box.

6. Solid output shaft or hollow output shaft.

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